Management Structure

Management Structures

  1. School Board of Governors.

This board shall be formulated to the education act and shall be in charge of governing the running of the school, Control of academic standards, Employing workers, Managing school projects and General oversight and supervisory responsibilities.


  1. School Committees.

There shall be several management committees set up for the day to day running of the school this will include.


Academic committee

  1. a) To oversee quality effective teaching.
  2. b) To identify and look for good quality teachers
  3. c) To keep general academic standards high
  4. d) Advise on way and strategies of uplifting school academic standards.


Finance committee

  1. a) Control and planning of the school budget
  2. b) Managing school projects
  3. c) Promote school programs and projects.
  4. d) Day to day financial running of the school.


Construction Committee

  1. a) Supervise and spearhead all building projects
  2. b) Maintenance of school physical infrastructure
  3. c) Look for finance of major building projects
  4. d) Maintenance of the school environment.


Advisor committee

  1. a) Advise the owner of the school on aspects of running the school.
  2. b) Advise the manager on day to day running of the school
  3. c) Advise the parents and teachers’ organization on effective running of the school.