Enrollment Instructions

School Capacity and Enrollment

The school will have day care and kindergarten classes for children aged between two and three years.

Nursery classes shall enroll children aged four to six years.

Primary school classes shall enroll children between six and seven years of age.

Our future projections are to include the secondary level and thus build all the way to high school.

Our standard enrollment in the pre-school and Nursery school shall be 20 pupils while primary section will have a total of 25 pupils per class.

Requirements to join the school

  • Tanzanian children
  • Must have a sponsor who could be a parent, a guardian, close relative or any other sponsor
  • Non-citizens who could posses proper immigration documents and / or authorized to stay in the country


Medium of Instructions

All subjects will be taught in English except Kiswahili will be taught as a subject and any foreign language thereby added to be curriculum.