About us

Why new vision of Nursery and Primary School?

Having considered the challenges of the new millennium and with a call to bring a difference in Tanzania, Excel International Schools feels a responsibility to join hand in hand with the government of Tanzania and the people of our locality in making difference. We recognize that it’s the policy of the government in its Education and training policy (1995) to:

  • Improve access to education at all levels
  • Provide education equitably to all peoples
  • Provision of good and quality education
  • Improve the management of education and better the facilities thereof.
  • Finally seek to design ways of bringing about equitable and sustainable facing of education.


With this understanding in mind we as an academic center having engaged the local people and being involved in various community based initiatives have realized that we have a part to play in designing the future of this nation and its people through investing into the young generation. We have therefore an objective in and through this project to provide to our children and education that is;


  • Accessible. We plan to build a school that will be within the community so that the children of the community have a choice to go to school and not to travel far to get to a school. With this in mind we plan to make the school includes transport facilities so that children from far can also have a chance to study with us.


  • Continuous and sustainable. We have a desire not only to run the Nursery and Primary level but also later on build a secondary / high school and a tertiary college so that our children can study all the way until they have a career with which they can build their lives and those of their fellow – country men.


  • Quality. We do not go just to build another school; we want to build a school that combines the quality of facilities, teaching, techniques, teachers and end output. With this in mind we have made the school to be an English Medium, Pre-school and primary School with a focus of holistic education that seeks to develop the child mentally and physically.


  • Wholesome. With the aspects of globalization catching – up with us so fast, traditional methods of education while basic and helpful they may not be all sufficient. We target to improve on the basic curriculum by introducing other subjects like music, computers, vocational courses and international languages.


Our objective is to provide an education that has a vision and that gives a vision to the children of this nation concerning their future.


Our Purpose

The purpose of our Nursery and Primary school program is to offer children ages 2 – 13 an enriched environment that encourages growth of the whole child, including mental, physical, social, and emotional development. We offer education of social studies, science and health concepts through a unit approach to teaching. We offer instruction of reading and math readiness concepts through active learning experiences, games and songs. We provide opportunities for creativity, expression, experiencing and experimenting. Teachers communicate love and respect to the children and nurture love and respect in the children for self and others.

We guide a child in establishing a solid foundation in exploring and learning about materials, the usefulness of language, cause and effect relationships,  routines, gaining competence, self expression and having good adult models and guides.  In essence, the program is about self-discovery and exploration, and discovery about the things in a child’s world.  All of this has to do with the needs of the developing child physically and mentally.



Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that each child is unique, and develops best in a warm, nurturing environment where they can experience many varied activities and know that he is capable and lovable.

Our Goals

Our main goal is to provision of high quality, accessible and wholesome education that envelops the whole child mentally and physically.

  • To convey an excitement for learning
  • To expand concepts and increase comprehension of ideas
  • To provide Personal, social and emotional development
  • To enhance Language, Literacy and Communication Skills
  • To develop self-discipline, independence, responsibility and self- confidence
  • To teach children to deal with the feelings of others and self
  • To foster growth of trust in adults in an expanded world
  • To practice basic skills such as listening, speaking, observing, remembering, sequencing, and problem-solving
  • To assist development of skill in the use and control of large and small muscles
  • To encourage creative expression in music, art and drama
  • To help each child recognize and develop his own talents

The primary objective of Excel International Schools being involved in education is seeking sustainable human development for the community.

We realize the need for improvement of the standards of education as a necessary catalyst and prerequisite for sustainable human development as we envision it. We thereby committed to providing the young generation with a high quality education so as to contribute to the improvement of their future and the general quality of life to both the pupils as individuals and the community as a whole.


It is our intention to build an atmosphere that would lead the child towards a holistic way of life and promote the child spiritual, moral, social, emotional and physical formation.

We are motivated to encourage the young generation to strive for excellence, diligence and a commitment to teamwork and morality.

We want to induce the values of self discipline, a sense of responsibility and passion for knowledge to become good citizens of Tanzania.

Our aim will be to build in them a desire to aim higher academically so as to advance their studies and in turn give back to their society in form of development.


We also aim to build an atmosphere that allows the pupils to have the best command of the English and other global languages as well as the latest technology available in this age of globalization.

Through this school we aim to make available a quality and affordable school for the orphans we take care and the all community.

It’s our objectives to provide a Biblical approach to education that is holistic and visionary.

This shall be a model school providing equal opportunity to quality education for all both rich and poor at Kigamboni and other areas of Dar es salaam.


Our School Motto:

Our school motto is Excellence is Never a Surprise.


School Basic Information


The school shall be called: EXCEL PRE & PRIMARY SCHOOL – ENGLISH MEDIUM